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Eurosceptics unveil campaign pledges in lead up to EU elections

Eurosceptics unveil campaign pledges in lead up to EU elections
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With just over 30 days until the European Union elections, two Eurosceptic politicians are pushing forward with campaigning as MEPs meet in Strasbourg for the last time before voters head to the polls.

France's Marine Le Pen, leader of Rassemblement National, unveiled her manifesto on Monday night. In the manifesto, Le Pen explained 144 proposals from the far-right party, including leaving the euro, bolstering security forces, and lowering taxes.

Le Pen has been a prominent leader attempting to unify far-right and conservative parties to create a "powerful group" within Parliament.

British MEP Nigel Farage has also made headlines leading up to the EU elections. In response to last week's further Brexit delay, Farage announced the creation of his Brexit Party on April 12.

Another topic watched closely ahead of the elections is voter apathy. In France, 42% of people said they are not interested in the elections, according to polls from the BVA institute.

"[Apathy] is a big concern," said Finnish MEP Heidi Hautala.

"For instance, in my country only 10% of young people between 18 and 24 vote in the European elections. We still have six weeks to change that."