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What is the Ukrainian government's 'blacklist'? | Euronews answers

What is the Ukrainian government's 'blacklist'? | Euronews answers
Copyright REUTERS / Baz Ratner
Copyright REUTERS / Baz Ratner
By Michael-Ross Fiorentino
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Russians dominate the list as tensions between Moscow and Kiev have reached a post-Soviet era high. What is the list about and who is on it?


Ukraine's Ministry of Culture has two lists on which it can put foreign citizens — a "blacklist" and a "white list".

Those on the "blacklist" are considered a "threat to national security", according to Ukranian authorities.

Russians dominate both, as tensions between Moscow and Kiev have reached a post-Soviet high.

Ukraine has not given an explanation why individuals are put on the "blacklist", but people perceived to have made pro-Russian comments can quickly find themselves on the list.

International figures who recognise Ukraine's sovereignty are often marked on the country's "white list".

What is the 'blacklist'?

The "blacklist" is a directory of international figures who Kiev says pose a threat to the country's national security.

Ukraine's security forces provide the Ministry of Culture with an influential person's name who they have identified as a national security threat to the country. 

Once identified, Ukrainian radio and broadcast companies are barred from airing any forms of entertainment involving the cultural figure.

Who is on it?

Although the majority of the people on the lists are Russian, a number of nationalities are represented including individuals from the US, Italy, Germany, and Belarus.

There are currently 147 international figures banned from entertaining the Ukrainian public in any way.

Italian recording artist, Albano Carrisi, known as Al Bano, is Kiev's most recent addition to the "blacklist", but he is not alone.

Other notable figures:

  • Russian film director, Nikita Mihalkov
  • American actor, Steven Seagal
  • American professional boxer, Roy Jones Jr
  • Russian ballet dancer, Nikolay Tsiskaridze
  • American lead singer of Limp Bizkit, Fred Durst
  • Russian pop-rock artist, Yulia Chicherina
  • Russian billionaire real estate mogul, Yelena Baturina
  • Russian film actor, Alexander Bashirov
  • Chairman of the Board of Directors of Lenfilm, Fyodor Bondarchuk
  • Russian singer, Alexander Buinov
  • Russian entertainer, Yuriy Galtsev
  • Russian writer, Arkadiy Inin
  • Belarusian TV presenter, Dzmitry Shepialeu

What happens to those that are on it?

Those on the list become a persona non grata in Ukraine and cannot enter the country's territory.

As well as being banned from Ukrainian airwaves, musicians cannot perform in Ukraine, authors' books are not permitted to be sold, and actors' and directors' films are banned from the TV and cinemas.

What is the 'white list'?

Ukraine's Ministry of Culture also compiles a catalogue for people who they say have a "high appreciation towards Ukraine." 

This "white list" is comprised of cultural icons, actors, artists and painters from different countries, who openly agree with a sovereign and democratic Ukraine.

Who is on the 'white list'?

Ukraine's "white list" primarily features celebrities and prominent Russian writers and musicians, who are seen as deserving of the support of the Ukrainian state.

Notable figures:

  • American actor, Tim Roth

  • American actress, Hayden Panettiere

  • Russian rock musician, Andrey Makarevich

  • American singer and actor, Jared Leto

  • German singer of the Scorpions, Klaus Meine

  • Georgian born Russian writer, Boris Akunin

  • Georgian singer, Vakhtang Kikabidze

  • Ukrainian-born American actress, Milla Jovovich

  • American actress, Vera Farmiga

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