Emmanuel Macron's manifesto - shortened

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By Euronews
Emmanuel Macron
Emmanuel Macron   -   Copyright  Reuters

This is a summary of a document published by the office of French president Emmanuel Macron ahead of the European elections.

The points have been selected by Euronews, using words as close as possible to the original, entitled For European Renewal.

Defend our freedom

Macron proposes creating a European Agency for the Protection of Democracies to protect EU countries from cyber attacks. He also wants to prevent foreign powers from funding European political parties and create rules to ban hate speech online

Protect our continent

Macron proposes a common border force and a European asylum office under a newly created European Council for Internal Security to ensure the same level of protection of borders and immigrants throughout the continent. He also wants European countries to introduce a mutual defence agreement and involve the UK in collective military decisions.

He also proposes penalties for multinational companies that breach European values over tax payment, the environment and data protection and to favour European businesses in strategic sectors.

Recover the spirit of progress

Macron wants a Europe wide discussion about what minimum wage should be applied in each country. He calls for stronger measures on climate change to ensure the bloc is zero carbon by 2050 and halves its pesticide use by 2025

Freedom, protection and progress.

Macron proposes a conference on Europe involving citizens, academics, unions and businesses to propose changes to European politics