Watch in 360°: Spanish military practices extreme winter rescues

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By Ole Krogsgaard  & Daniel González Acunâ
A man is pick climbing an ice hill
A man is pick climbing an ice hill   -  Copyright  Daniel González Acuña

Violent avalanches that bury civilians under immense layers of snow; icy lakes that engulf reckless ski enthusiasts; and snow storms that trap drivers in their vehicles.

The Military Emergencies Unit, a division of the Spanish Armed Forces responsible for providing disaster relief, has to be prepared for a bit of everything.

Its battalions are made up of specialised soldiers, climbers, divers, canine teams and other unique skillsets in order to make the units as effective in rescue situations as possible.

In this immersive report, you can accompany the 2nd Battalion of the Military Emergencies Unit during its annual severe winter storms rescue manoeuvres in the Sierra Nevada mountains in southern Spain.

During the five-day exercise, the teams go through scenarios that test their ability to save lives in the most difficult situations.

This 360-degree video was shot with a GoPro Fusion