Strong winds kills at least three people in Italy

Strong winds kills at least three people in Italy
By Louise Miner  with Associated Press and Eurovision

Gale force winds have caused havoc along the Adriatic coastline as a wall collapsed killing two people and a tree toppled onto a car.

Strong gusty winds have caused havoc in Italy along the Adriatic coast.

Fifteen crewmembers had to be rescued by helicopter after a cargo ship and tug boat ran aground.

Flood waters have turned streets into rivers along the Bari coast.

In the Lazio region, two people in their seventies were killed on the spot after a wall collapsed and a Romanian man died when a tree fell onto a car near Rome.

The gale force winds with gusts hitting over a hundred miles an hour, swept along the Adriatic sea, mangling roofs, toppling trees, disrupting traffic and shattering windows.

Unsafe walls and debris have been cordoned off for safety as the clean-up begins.

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