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EU dual national loses heart with the UK, feeling it's 'time to leave'

EU dual national loses heart with the UK, feeling it's 'time to leave'
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Sonja Morgenstern has been on the frontline of the campaign against Brexit. As a dual national EU citizen, she was hoping to convince the British to change their minds over Brexit.

But now she has given up. A heartbreaking decision forced upon her, she says, by uncertainty over her future.

"I've been in London since 1996 and I've felt very at home here. But I think with the Brexit referendum it's just thrown up a lot of insecurities and people don't know how best to prepare, because the government doesn't know what it's preparing for and how and it's just that feeling of being a bit lost."

More than three and a half million EU citizens find themselves in the same situation. For Sonja, the decision to leave came as she was preparing for a 'no-deal' Brexit.

A single mum, Sonja says the reasons for leaving go beyond a need for stability for her and her young son. She says she senses a troubling change in the UK. Not quite a hostile environment, but an unsettling one.

Making the journey to join family in Nuremberg, Sonja said she felt "at peace".

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