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'Gilets worn'? Yellow vest protesters 'tired' but vow to carry on

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By Louise Miner  with Reuters
Yellow vest protesters in Paris on Saturday.
Yellow vest protesters in Paris on Saturday.

Clashes in Paris on Saturday marked three months since the "yellow vest" ("gilets jaunes") demonstrators began rallying against President Emmanuel Macron's policies.

But the number of protesters has been falling.

In November around 300,000 people took to the streets across cities in France. Last week there were around 50,000, according to government estimates, but organisers put the figure at more than 100,000.

Protestors in Paris on Saturday said they will continue to make a stand.

Emilie Bidois, from Normandy, said: "Of course we are tired, we are fed up, but we won't give up. We won't give up on anything because they want to muzzle us and we want to be heard so I will carry on until the movement runs out of steam, if it runs out of steam, but I don't think it will."

Didier Baylac, 51, said: "I remain prepared to continue because I'm unable to buy as many things every day. I'm also here to denounce the violence from the police. There is more and more violence, which unfortunately the media does not show in France."

An Elabe opinion poll this week showed dwindling support for them as more than half of those surveyed say they want the protests to stop.