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What did the front pages of Europe's newspapers say the day after the Brexit vote?

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By Rachael Kennedy
What did the front pages of Europe's newspapers say the day after the Brexit vote?
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British Prime Minister Theresa May suffered a sore defeat on Tuesday evening after her Brexit deal was voted down in parliament with 432 votes to 202.

It was the worst parliamentary defeat in the UK's history.

Following a pessimistic outlook in our press review on Tuesday, Euronews returned to take a look at Europe's front pages on the morning after the historic vote.

United Kingdom

The British press on Tuesday morning may have been split concerning its support for May's Brexit deal, but by Wednesday, it appeared almost united in its disappointment directed at the prime minister.


Daily Express front page

"May suffers historic defeat"

The Times front page

"Brextinct: May's Brexit deal dead as a dodo"

The Sun front page

"A complete humiliation"

The Daily Telegraph front page

"No, Prime Minister"

The Journal front page


The Herald front page

"May suffers historic defeat as Tories turn against her"

The Guardian front page

"No deal..No hope..No clue..No confidence"

Daily Mirror front page

"Worst defeat ever"

The Metro front page

"Fighting for her life"

Daily Mail front page

European Union

Many of the media outlets from the EU 27 states echoed the sentiment of the British press, touching on "humiliation," and predicting "chaos" and "uncertainty" in the weeks ahead.


"Vast majority turn their backs on May"

De Morgen front page


Gazet Van Antwerp front page

"The spectre of a hard Brexit"

L'Echo front page


"May suffers gigantic defeat in Brexit vote"

Politiken front page


"Theresa May's Brexit widely disowned"

Le Parisien front page

"After May's tough defeat in parliament, Brexit plunges into the unknown"

Le Figaro front page

"Brexit: the leap into the unknown"

Le Telegramme front page


"Britain in front of Brexit chaos"

Der Tagesspiegel front page


"May faces no-confidence vote after historic Commons defeat on Brexit"

The Irish Times front page

"Eve of destruction"

Irish Examiner front page


"Brexit: May on the edge of the abyss"

La Repubblica front page

"Brexit, the 'no' vote overwhelms May: 'I remain disheartened'"

La Stampa front page



AD front page

"May's Brexit deal wiped out"

De Volkskrant front page

"Lower house says hard no, threat of a chaotic Brexit"

Trouw front page


"Uncertainty is the only certainty"

Diario de Noticias front page

"May's deal shatters Brexit schedule and shoots country into political limbo. 228 Portuguese companies depend on exports to the United Kingdom"

Publico front page


"May's crushing defeat sharpens Brexit"

El Pais front page

"Prisoners of Brexit"

ABC front page

"May's humiliating defeat leaves Brexit in limbo"

El Mundo front page

"Brexit implodes"

El Periodico front page

"The Brexit of chaos"

La Razon front page


"After the historic setback, May's fate could be settled today"

Dagens Nyheter front page