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The history of church fashion

The history of church fashion begins with embroidery
The history of church fashion begins with embroidery   -   Copyright  AP
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The history of church fashion had a dual function in the past: storytelling and a way to dazzle the congregation.

In the past, the population was largely illiterate and the beautiful clothes the clergy wore was to tell the stories from the Bible.

Today embroiderers still hand stitch the garments destined to be worn in churches not only at Christmas but throughout the year.

"The reason why English work was the most famous in the world, it was a stitch that allowed the fabric to continue to bend and move and sway as opposed to stay rigid. So if you picture the priest walking down the centre of a candle-lit church with these images from the life of Christ all over him in gold moving and reflecting the gold from the candles, you get an understanding of how this would move people and this was really conveying a sense of religious power," said Robert McCaffrey, communications manager of Hand & Lock.