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Treemendous! Huge festive fir on van provokes police and puns

Treemendous! Huge festive fir on van provokes police and puns
Copyright Twitter/PC Jane Bickley
Copyright Twitter/PC Jane Bickley
By Rachael Kennedy
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A picture of a huge Christmas tree on a van's roof has prompted a warning from police and a wave of puns from social media.


Police in the UK have issued a warning to motorists after a van was spotted carrying an enormous tree along a dual carriageway.

Plymouth police officer Jane Bickley said the "shocking" image was captured by a speed camera van over the weekend.

"We all know it's a hectic time of year in the run-up to Christmas, but please consider the suitability of your vehicle if transporting such a large load," she tweeted.

Social media reaction

While PC Bickley had a serious message to share to motorists, many on social media, including other police officers, saw the lighter side.

Senior Enforcement Officer Craig Handley kickstarted the puns, asking if the driver had been reported for "elf & safety."

Airline pilot Adam Aston added his contribution, pointing out that "the driver certainly looks very fir-tive."

But the winner for quantity of puns in a single tweet went to Roadmarque, a road risk management company, that shared its disbelief over the picture.

"I couldn't beLEAF my eyes when I first SAW this. Had to LOG in just to say that I definitely WOODn't attempt this, no matter which ROOT I was taking to get that thing home."

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