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ECJ Brexit legal conundrum

ECJ Brexit legal conundrum
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The European Court of Justice's Advocate General has released its opinion on a case on whether Article 50 could be revoked unilaterally.

Darren McCaffrey, Euronews' Political Editor is at the court in Luxembourg and breaks down the news.

"This advisory note from the Advocate General today, that the UK can if it wants before the end of March next year, halt the Brexit process is significant. Not least of all because it gives hope to those who would potentially like to see a second referendum, or Britain to remain inside the EU under its current membership terms. And also for those Brexiters, it may well play on their minds that Brexit may not happen at all. It must be noted that this is merely though an advisory judgement from the Advocate General, the actual decision by the European Court of Justice, we'll have to wait for another few weeks for that. But in the majority of cases they do tend to follow the advice of the Advocate General, hence the significance of today's ruling."