Watch: New 'sunglasses' put 'sunshine into your eyes’

Watch: New 'sunglasses' put 'sunshine into your eyes’
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By Michael-Ross Fiorentino  with AP

The smart device has been described as a "wearable sky".

An Austria-based company has designed a pair of 'sunglasses' that actually "put sunshine into people's eyes."

Pocket Sky describes the smart device as a "wearable sky", and says it works the same way as a light therapy lamp, by “putting sunshine in your eyes”.

The high-tech product emits a similar light to daylight to suppress melatonin production on dark days. 

Its creators hope it will help people deal with the "winter blues", as well as helping to counter jet lag. 

"We took a technique which is well known but we put it into a very convenient and smart design," explained Pocket Sky co-founder Mark Wallerberger.

"It helps against 'winter blues' and... it is so small you can use it against jet-lag. It works for shift workers. It helps shift workers to help them through the day, to optimise their daily rhythm." 

Our 24-hour body clock is determined by the natural light-dark cycle that affects well-being in terms of sleep and hunger. When travelling overseas, people’s internal rhythm is misaligned, which causes jet lag. 

Pocket Sky believes that well-timed exposure to blue light a few days before and after a trip can help people to adapt faster to a new time zone

The product is set to launch in Scandinavia in 2019, before expanding to other European countries, and will cost €169.

Video editor • Thomas Duthois

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