What do Ukrainians think of Russian tensions? | All Voices

What do Ukrainians think of Russian tensions? | All Voices
By Natalia Liubchenkova  & Seana Davis

What do Ukrainians think of rising Russian-Ukraine tensions?

Relations between Ukraine and Russia have hit another turbulent period after the latter seized three Ukrainian vessels in the Sea of Azov.

The Ukrainian Parliament then passed a motion put forward by President Petro Poroshenko to impose martial law for 30 days.

In an interview with NBC, Poroshenko told Russian President Vladimir Putin to "get out of Ukraine".

Poroshenko has stepped up his rhetoric against Putin in interviews with German media, accusing the Russian leader of wanting to annex the entire country.

Meanwhile, US President Trump weighed-in on Twitter this afternoon, announcing that he had called off his planned meeting with Putin at the upcoming G20 summit in Buenos Aires due to the turbulent Ukraine-Russian tensions.

But what do Ukrainians think of the current situation and the imposition of martial law in their country? Euronews' Natalia Liubchenkova spoke to people in the Donetsk region.

Speaking first is a protester from Mariupol, with Serhiy Pieskov, an entrepreneur from Lyman, following. Tetyana Karpuhina, Director of “Republic Pilgrim" in Mariupol, Ukraine concludes the video. All are located in the Donetsk region.

Video editor • Thomas Duthois

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