Brexit agreement: May faces task of getting deal through UK parliament

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By Katy Dartford
Euronews correspondent Vincent McAviney
Euronews correspondent Vincent McAviney

The British Prime Minister, Theresa May, is to warn the UK parliament to get behind her Brexit deal or risk dividing the country even further.

After nineteen months of arduous negotiations, it was signed off by 27 other EU leaders on Sunday.

But that might have been the easy part for Theresa May, who now faces an altogether tougher battle of getting a divided UK parliament to back the deal.

A vote to accept or reject the package is likely to be held on 12 December.

The odds of getting it through look stacked against her, however, with criticism of the deal from all political sides.

Both Labour, the Lib Dems, the SNP, the DUP and many Tory MPs look set to vote against it.

Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party has said it will review its parliamentary pact with the Conservatives - which props up Mrs May's government - if the deal is approved by MPs.

But Euronews correspondent Vincent McAviney says she still has a few tricks up her sleeve.