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Black Friday: Where are Europe’s most-committed shoppers?

Black Friday: Where are Europe’s most-committed shoppers?
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People in Germany, Netherlands and the United Kingdom are among the EU’s most-committed consumers, a survey has claimed.

The poll results were released to coincide with Black Friday, which sees retailers slash prices to kick off the Christmas spending season.

On average, Germans spend 35 minutes per day on shopping and personal services, such as visiting a hairdresser.

That is the highest figure of the 15 EU countries surveyed.

The Dutch shop for 32 minutes per day and Britons for 31 minutes, according to the data released by Eurostat.

People in Romania spend 17 minutes per day on shopping or consuming personal services, the lowest of the countries studied.

The survey, carried out between 2008 and 2015, broadly reflects GDP in the European Union.

Black Friday, which happens annually on the last Friday of November, is a concept born in the US. Retailers, keen to capitalise on people being off work around Thanksgiving Day, cut prices to begin the Christmas spending season early.

It has gradually gained traction in Europe in recent years.

But this year there has been pushback against the idea. Greenpeace, for example, has tried to raise awareness about the harmful environmental impact of excessive consumerism.