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Catalan separatists demonstrate against return of Spanish police rally in Barcelona

Catalan separatists demonstrate against return of Spanish police rally in Barcelona
By Robert Hackwill
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Separatists claim intimidation and provocation from police who are engaged in a pay dispute with Madrid.


Catalan separatists demonstrated in Barcelona on Saturday as national police again gathered in the city in their ongoing pay dispute with Madrid.

Many Catalans are angry with the police for using violence against their illegal referendum in October 2017.

"They are giving medals to the police that oppressed the Catalan people on October. They are here provoking us constantly, in the streets of Barcelona, and we cannot tolerate this. This is fascism," said Lagarder Danciu, a Romanian-born activist for the homeless in the city.

The national police met a similar counter-demonstration when they rallied in Barcelona in September.

"We came here to demand equal pay which has been denied to us for 30 years now, between the national security forces and the regional police. On Tuesday 13th of November we will present an initiative with more than 500,000 signatures, a popular legislative initiative demanding the same salaries for the federal state police as the regional police," said the President of the police association JUSAPOL, Natan Espinosa.

14 people were injured in clashes between the local police and demonstrators, and six arrests were made,

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