Watch: Luxury motor brands unveil ultra-exclusive models at Paris show

Watch: Luxury motor brands unveil ultra-exclusive models at Paris show
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By Seana Davis  with Associated Press

Bugatti launched the ultra-exclusive "Divo" racing model with only 40 cars on sale at the price tag of €5 million each.

Ferrari is revving up in preparation for the 120th Mondial Paris Motor Show.

The Italian luxury motor company unveiled its new limited-edition Monza racing models which cost €1.6 million each on October 2.

Only 499 clients were "invited" to buy the open-top racing vehicles at the launch in Paris. The invited customers were chosen with strict criteria in mind — that they must have a history with the brand and have purchased multiple Ferrari models previously.

The one-seater SP1 and two-seater SP2 Monza models lack a windshield and take just 2.9 seconds to get 100 kilometres per hour from a standing start, according to the company.

Ferarri are not the only company revealing new models ahead of the esteemed motor show. The lavish French car brand Bugatti launched "The Divo" racing model with the price tag of €5 million each.

Even more exclusive than the Ferarri models, only 40 versions have been made of "The Divo". The car can reach speeds of up to 380 kilometres per hour, with an 8-litre, 16-cylinder engine.

Mercedes are also upping gears at the event, premiering their low emmision vehicles while showcasing the Silver Arrow concept car.

Although based on a 1937 model, the Silver Arrow differs from its eight-decade-old counterpart by being fully electric. With a 738 horsepower engine, the model has a range of 400 kilometres in a single charge.

The Paris Motor Show will be open to the public for 10 days from October 4, and is expected to attract around one million visitors. The bi-annual event is being held at Porte de Versailles expo centre with BMW, Mercedes, Ferrari, Renault and Citroen among others showcasing their latest models.

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