Late summer: Heatwave to return to Europe

Late summer: Heatwave to return to Europe
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By Claire Heffron
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Strong heatwave ahead for parts of Europe


Meteorologists have confirmed a new heatwave is to hit parts of Europe for the rest of the month.

Much of the continent will be significantly warmer than average for this period with summer-like temperatures. The warmest parts will be central, eastern and southeastern Europe.

Satellite data is showing a very high-temperature anomaly as daytime highs will likely be as high as 30°C as far north as northern Germany. Parts of France, Italy and parts of central Europe may well push above 30°C.

Severe Weather EU
Model trends favour a very warm week to continue across south-central and eastern Europe with quite stable weather and summer-like temperatures.Severe Weather EU

Higher temperatures are expected parts of Spain and Portugal with daily temperatures rising up to 35°C in some areas and even closer to 40°C over this week.

Scientists suggest that the heatwave is an after effect of tropical storm Helene in the US.

Climate scientist Zack Labe told Euronews, “A strong ridge of high pressure will grip most of Europe these coming weeks. Strong warm air ahead of the remnants of Helene will allow temperatures to rise more than 10-15°C above average."

While this is a weather event, climate change continues to increase the probability of heatwaves and above average temperatures. However, there is still some uncertainty over the long-term forecast with further changes to the track of the jet stream likely to influence conditions."

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