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Oslo Accords: 25 year anniversary

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By Louise Miner
Oslo Accords: 25 year anniversary

Twenty-five years ago, the Oslo Accords were signed to bring about peace in the Middle East.

The Israeli Prime Minister shook hands with the PLO leader Yasser Arafat at the White House after signing the historic agreement on Palestinian autonomy in the occupied territories.

Atef Abu Saif is the spokesman of Fateh Movement and says, "Βack then in 1993, Oslo was very essential for establishing the Palestinian authority, which meant putting the Palestinians on their land. However, israel managed to make Oslo a failure through all the obstacles it put in front of the [Oslo] process".

A conference was held in the middle of Gaza for all Palestinian parties where the Oslo agreement was rejected.

Some Palestinian people believe that it's unfair, and diminishes Palestinian rights, settlements have expanded and the borders have no Palestinian authority.

Fawzy Barhoum is a Hamas spokesman and says, "The Oslo agreement was a disaster for the Palestinian people. It was a national disaster. The agreement ended our right in Jerusalem and our right to the land. the Palestinian people were divided. the world recognized Israel and did not recognize the rights of the Palestinian people, the agreement also ended Palestinian resistance as a right of the Palestinians"

Both the Israeli Prime Minister and the PLO leader received the Nobel Peace Prize for their efforts to bring about peace in the Middle East but it has never resulted in peace or a decent way to live.

Maher Tabbaa is an economist and says, "Israel has not complied with all the provisions of the Convention, therefore, the results were adverse to the Palestinian economy, such as high unemployment rates, high poverty rate and low economic growth, which led to the high cost of living and the inability to live in Palestine".

Meanwhile, Israel blames Hamas for the instability and rejects the idea that Gaza and the Palestinean territories don't have autonomy.