British dancer Lindsay Kemp dies

British dancer Lindsay Kemp dies
By Mark Armstrong

Lindsay Kemp, the dancer, mime artist and choreographer who inspired David Bowie and Kate Bush, has passed away at the age of 80

The English dancer, mime artist and choreographer Lindsay Kemp has died at the age of eighty.

He passed away in the Italian city of Livorno in western Tuscany on Saturday morning.

He studied art at Bradford College with painter David Hockney and founded his dance company in the 1960s. The show that gave him popularity is 50 years ago, in '68 of the revolutions. It was called Flowers and presented it at the Edinburgh Festival.

During the 1970s Kemp was a popular and inspirational teacher of dance and mime who worked with stars such as David Bowie and Kate Bush.

He choreographed and performed with Bowie at the singer's Ziggy Stardust concerts at London's Rainbow Theatre in 1972.

Kemp also acted, appearing in several films, including The Wicker Man, as well as producing several operatic works in Italy.

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