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Hungary: Danube levels are low

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By Louise Miner  & Gábor Ács
Hungary: Danube levels are low

"This summer is dry and hot in Europe. There are also few rainfalls in Austria and Germany, which is clearly shown by the low water level of the Danube in Budapest (Hungary).

The middle of the river does not tend to dry out at Margit Bridge, but now it's substantial. Someone even built a bench among the stones for the public to enjoy the panoramic view of the city.

Behind the seat there's a large block of stones which fell into the Danube in 1944 when the Germans blasted the bridge during the 2nd World War.

You can also see now wooden columns standing in the river-bed, that may have been the scaffolding that the team used in 1976.

The bridge came from France and every single element of the bridge was transported by train to Budapest, including the stone sculptures and of course every piece of the iron structure.

So 150 years ago the Hungarian industry was totally excluded, France made the bridge.

It's a rare opportunity when you can stand in the middle of the Danube. The last time was in 2007, when the water level was as low as now.

That’s why a lot of people come here and enjoy the spectacular view of the city from this special place.

Gábor Ács, Euronews, Budapest”