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New toothbrush claims to clean all your teeth in just 10 seconds

New toothbrush claims to clean all your teeth in just 10 seconds
By Anastassia Gliadkovskaya
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Y-Brush, invented by Lyon-based startup FasTeesH, is a Y-shaped electric toothbrush that is able to reach and clean all the teeth due to its shape and sonic vibrations.


How much time do you spend each day cleaning your teeth?

If the answer is less than four minutes, you're probably not doing enough. However, Lyon-based startup FasTeesH wants to change that.

The company says its "next generation" toothbrush can effectively clean all your teeth in just 10 seconds due to its shape and sonic vibrations. On a twice-daily schedule that could save 220 seconds a day.

The Y-shaped brush features nylon bristles angled at a 45-degree angle, as recommended by research. It sits in the mouth like a retainer, and you chew on it while it vibrates. It cleans the top set of teeth first, and then after you flip it over, it cleans the bottom ones. The total process takes 10 seconds because every tooth on the top and then on the bottom is cleaned at the same time.

According to most health guidelines, the standard recommended brushing time is two minutes. Studies in Europe, the UK, Australia, and the United States all show that anywhere from a quarter to half of a country’s population brushes its teeth less than twice a day, and for less than two minutes.

“We think that it’s a chore for everyone to brush their teeth because of the two minute [standard],” CEO Benjamin Cohen told Euronews. “If we bring this device [to people] able to brush teeth with efficacy but in 10 seconds, we know it will change the habits of people.”

The brush is said to have undergone three years of testing with health professionals and sample audiences.

Y-Brush features a handle, a mouthpiece, and a charging station. One charge is said to last up to one month.

It is recommended that the mouthpiece is changed every half a year.

The brush also offers three different vibration modes depending on users’ sensitivity.

FasTeesH will also be launching a similar product in September for disabled people for widespread distribution in hospitals and homes for the elderly.

The brush is currently available for pre-order starting at about 80 euros. The product will officially be available beginning April 2019.

Similar-looking devices are already on the market including the Otobrush and the amabrush. However, Y-Brush is unique for its nylon, rather than silicone, bristles that are fine enough to reach in between the teeth, ensuring a deeper clean and removal of plaque. The Y-Brush mouthpiece also comes in four different sizes, including one for children, so no one has to miss out on good dental hygiene.

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