Smart phones could damage our memory side of the brain

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By Louise Miner
Smart phones could damage our memory side of the brain

There's new evidence that mobile phones may have adverse effects on developing our memories.

That's according to a study with 700 adolescents at the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute.

Mobile phones close to the head could expose radiofrequency electromagnetic fields to the brain.

Head of the Swiss TPH, Martin Röösli says, "We have selected 3 different tests; one was a verbal memory test which is located on the left side of the brain. One was a figurative memory test which was using the right side. And we used a concentration test which is using more on the forefront. What we have seen is that this figurative memory is mostly affected, and interesting enough, it was most affected in teenagers using their phones on the right side of the head".

Several studies have already been conducted to try to identify the possible effects of electromagnetic fields, radiofrequency and radiation of phones on the brain, without much success so far.

Martin Röösli adds, "I would still be a little bit prudent about our findings, I think it needs confirmation and other studies. But the good news is if you want to minimize your exposure to the brain, you can easily do that because the radiation decreases rapidly with distance to the head. So if you have your mobile phone instead of 1cm, only 10cm's away from your head, it makes your radiation 10 times less, and at some point, even 100 times less, so you can minimize your radiation easily and still use your mobile phone. It shouldn't be a big issue".

Scientists believe that memory is more vulnerable to waves when the phone is stuck to the right ear as that side is related to memory and its recommend to use the loudspeaker or headphones during calls