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Pizza-making robot

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By Mark Armstrong
A robot making a pizza
A robot making a pizza

A French startup company has come up with a pizza-making robot. It can spread the tomato sauce, put it in the oven, put it in a cardboard box and cut the pizza. The two engineers behind the digital chef plan to take their idea global. They say it is a much-need product in a world that is always in a hurry.

"People nowadays have less and less available time to eat," explained Ekim CEO Philippe Goldman, "they hardly have 30 minutes to have lunch. Therefore, they have to choose between time and food quality. What we're doing is providing both."

Able to perform several tasks at once with its three arms, inventors say the pizza-making robot can deliver a pizza every thirty seconds and up to 120 an hour, when a simple human reaches at best 40 pizzas an hour.

Of course, there are those who will always put the skills of a master craftsman above those of a machine, and one such person is Vittorio Monti, a pizza chef from Naples at O'Scia restaurant in Paris.

"The human being is faster," said Monti, "he can tell if the dough is good or not, if there are any problems with the dough, the dough can have problems if the temperature changes. If there are any problems, the robot can't tell, but the pizza maker, yes."

So far the robot pizza hasn't left its Paris showroom, but it is on the way.