The Cannes Lions festival: unlocking your creativity

The Cannes Lions festival: unlocking your creativity
By Euronews

The Cannes Lions festival: unlocking your creativity

The Cannes Lions festival of creativity is known as the world’s biggest get-together of the industry.

For decades this annual event has been celebrating the most innovative minds from all over the world.

Winning at Cannes Lions is a huge achievement; it puts you among the global creative elite.

But how to break into the creative industry? Euronews' Oleksandra Vakulina talked to Michael Frohlich, Chief Executive Officer of Ogilvy in the UK and asked him what advice would he give for someone just starting out in their career.

"My advice for breaking into industry is just go and do experiences, if you are really at the beginning just get work wherever, just dive in and explore and be curious and don't plan too much in the beginning, just try. And then a warning would be don’t take it all too seriously,” says Frohlich.

Arun Subhuman, CEO and editor-in-chief at the Holmes Report, has been a regular at Cannes Lions for a decade. He says there is now more focus on diversity and inclusion, but big companies and brands can still do much more:

"The companies here do have power, they do have massive media budgets, they can create change. The problem is - there is this disconnect. What you see here is the 1 percent or maybe even 0.1 percent and sometimes it feels a little strange to have those kind of people talking about becoming more inclusive because this is not particularly diverse crowd here, you have to accept it.”

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