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Italy: #All Voices On The Road day 2

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By Louise Miner
Italy: #All Voices On The Road day 2

Our journey through Italy continues to the south, in Basilicata, a region rich in natural resources but which have become a condemnation for the territory and its residents.

Elena Cavallone, euronews says, "The success of the 5-star movement in this part of Italy is explained above all by its attention to the environmental question. Basilicata has the largest incinerator in Europe and one of the largest oil deposits on land. More oil infiltration's have been found both in the soil and in the waters and citizens are tired of being considered, as they themselves have said, "the trash of Italy".

Sergio Grujic, a truck driver, is a supporter of the 5-star movement. For him it's the only political force capable of opposing the interest groups that intend to exploit the territory.

Sergio says, "The Movement is our future, it is close to the citizens, it listens to the citizens".

Many think like him in this village near Potenza:

"The Basilicata objectively has an emergency on all types of the environment. Then on a social level we have a serious problem that is depopulation. But probably the two things are connected".

Elena Cavallone questions people at the cafe, "and you are convinced that with this government will change things?"

"Sure, we are convinced".

"And what makes you think that they too will not do the same as the others".

"Because they share the same battles as us".

"The people, the common people, we need to solve everyday problems and we saw in the 5-star movement the only hope in solving the problems of all the regions, with choices of common sense".

In his political activism Sergio involves his entire family and hopes that his sons will follow in his footsteps. He says, "It's up to them to chase and control politics, to find out and understand what the government want to do, or rather what the government say they want to do, and what they end up doing".