As it happened: Tuesday, June 5

As it happened: Tuesday, June 5
By Emma Beswick

The latest news and updates as they happened this morning.

Good morning, Europe. Here are the stories we were watching on Tuesday, June 5.

Romania: The European Court of Justice has made a landmark ruling in favour of an American-Romanian gay couple, meaning EU countries have to grant residency rights to same-sex couples.

France: Aymen Latrous, a 25-year-old, Tunisian illegal immigrant who saved two children from a fire in France, will not be deported from the country, his lawyer told Euronews.

**Guatemala: **Search and rescue operations were still ongoing in Guatemala on Tuesday after 62 people were killed and nearly 300 injured when the Fuego volcano erupted.

Iran: Iran's Supreme Leader said Monday that Iran will not relent to US pressures on its nuclear program, ordering Iranian scientists to get ready to increase uranium enrichment capabilities if necessary and vowing that Iran won't give up its missile program.

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