MI6 says Bond myth hampering recruitment of women

MI6 says Bond myth hampering recruitment of women
By Euronews

British Intelligence organisation launches first ever advertising campaign

Academy Award winner Danny Boyle has been named as the director of the 25th James Bond movie. The as yet unnamed film will be released in Autumn of next year, with Daniel Craig returning for his fith outing in the title role.

But the Bond franchise's glamorous portrayal of Britain's MI6 is not to everyone's liking. The real MI6 says the Bond myth dissuades women from applying for jobs and has launched it's first ever advertising campaign in an attempt to change perceptions.

The advertisement says: "It's picking up on the silent cues that matter, understanding others, helping them see things differently, it's exploring the world beyond your own. If that sounds familiar because you do it every day. MI6 Secretly, we're just like you."

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