Students protest against French government's university reforms

Students protest against French government's university reforms
By Euronews
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Protesting students have blocked other students from sitting their exams in at least three universities.


Around a hundred students in Arcueil, a southern suburb of Paris, have blocked a group of visiting students from Nanterre university from sitting their exams.

In Nanterre they'd also been unable to sit their exams after similar protests against the government's proposed university reforms.

"We ask for massive investment in our universities. If they have the means to finance the police crackdowns on us like that, why wouldn't they have the means to create more places in our universities," one student protester said.

After three weeks of trying to organise a venue for the exams the president of Nanterre university is now considering organising them online.

Two other universities in France remain blocked by the student protests and another five have been partially disturbed by them.

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