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Syrians remain defiant despite allied air strikes

There has been widespread condemnation of the West across Syrian press
There has been widespread condemnation of the West across Syrian press Copyright Reuters
Copyright Reuters
By Evelyn LaverickTokunbo Salako with Reuters
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The Western alliance air strikes on Syria's alleged chemical weapon sites have been widely condemned across the country


Syrians living in the country's capital Damascus have accused the US, France and Britain of being "aggressors" after the coalition conducted airstrikes early on Saturday.

Many residents claim the three nations had acted like colonial powers and that the missile strikes had been a "failure".

"The tripartite aggressors (US, UK and France) are colonising countries, they practice the old approach, they impose their opinion and their nature on the Arab peoples. And the people of third world countries," said pharmacist Yousef Hosiayan.

Sentiments shared by another Damascus resident, Mohammad Al Zoabi: "The aggressors have ganged up on us, to bring us down, and they failed. They can't have an effect on us because we're strong as rock.

Others in the city reserved particular contempt for the United States: "America is like an octopus, it has tentacles everywhere, and among them are the tripartite acts of aggression on this country. God willing, and with the Syrian Arab Army, and our wise leader, Doctor Bashar Assad, we'll cut off every tentacle that tries to harm the nation,"said Ali Sattouf.

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