Hungary opposition leaders resign

Gabor Vona
Gabor Vona
By Euronews

Results worse than expected

The leaders of both main opposition parties have resigned in the wake of their bad results.

The Socialists came in third taking only 20 parliamentary seats despite forming an election alliance with the upcoming Dialogue party. They did especially badly outside Budapest.

GERGELY KARÁCSONY, SOCIALIST candidate said: “It's obvious we cant build a democratic community and a democratic alternative given the isolation of those living in the countryside, said one candidate.”

The strongest opposition party with 26 seats in the new parliament is the formerly far-right Jobbik. It tried to rebrand itself as a more moderate nationalist force.

But the strategy didn't work despite a high turnout in the polls and Party President Gabor Vona tendered his resignation.

Jobbik had campaigned on an anti corruption agenda and called for higher wages to attract back the country's exiles.

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