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Lula takes to the campaign trail despite the risk of arrest

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By Philip Andrew Churm
Lula takes to the campaign trail despite the risk of arrest

Despite the likelihood of being arrested, former Brazilian leader Luís Inácio Lula da Silva took to the campaign trail on Sunday in a bid to reclaim the presidency.

Promising to unite a divided Brazil and defeat those he believes are trying to keep him off the ballot, Lula's campaign "caravan" has attracted a large number of followers.

Speaking to supporters he outlined his hopes for the future.

"I am ready to come back and to rebuild this country without hate, without suffering, because when we have hate, we don't sleep well. I hate heartburn and reflux," he said.

However, the tour has also sparked protests in recent days, and his supporters and opponents have occasionally clashed.

Lula's campaign is overshadowed by a court ruling, scheduled for Monday, when judges may order Lula to begin serving his prison sentence on a corruption conviction.

While he currently leads polls for October's presidential election, he is likely to be barred from running due to the conviction, which he denies.

His Workers' Party insists he is their candidate and refuse to accept the notion of a plan B.