Bayer and Monsanto in merger deal

Bayer and Monsanto in merger deal
By Euronews

German conglomerate Bayer has won EU antitrust approval to buy U.S. company Monsanto, the latest in a trio of mega mergers that will reshape the agrochemicals industry

The agro chemical industry landscape has been changed with the last of three mega mergers this time between German conglomerate Bayer and US company Monsanto.

The tie-up is set to create a company with control of more than a quarter of the world’s seed and pesticides market.

Environmental and farming groups have opposed all three deals, worried about their power and their advantage in digital farming data, which can tell farmers how and when to till, sow, spray, fertilize and pick crops based on algorithms.

China has given conditional approval to the Bayer and Monsanto deal, which has won the green light in Brazil.

It is currently being reviewed by U.S. and Russia antitrust authorities.

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