Germany: Storm in a coffee cup

Germany: Storm in a coffee cup
By Lesley Alexander
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Syrian refugees have responded on social media after a far-right German politician, who visited their war-ravaged country, accused them of drinking coffee in Berlin at the taxpayers' expense


A far-right German politician who went to Syria to try to prove the war-ravaged country is safe has been slammed by refugees.

Christian Blex posted a photograph saying that he was drinking coffee in Homs.

He and other members of the anti-immigrant AfD have been widely condemned for their so-called 'fact finding mission'.

Blex wrote on Facebook: "While so-called 'Syrian' 'refugees' from Homs drink coffee at the expense of the German taxpayer in Berlin, we drink coffee at our own expense in Homs".

On social media, Syrian refugees have responded by declaring "I pay for my coffee!"

"What we want to show is that we are part of the society. We are refugees. We are immigrants. And we are trying to participate into the wealth of the German population," said Syrian refugee Mouhannad Malek in Berlin.

At the risk of causing a stir, Syrians in Germany insist: the AfD's claims are not their cup of tea.

Their posts make that all too clear.

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