Send knickers not flowers on International Women’s Day, says charity

Send knickers not flowers on International Women’s Day, says charity
By Chris Harris
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A shelter in Budapest is urging people to mark the day by sending homeless people much-needed knickers and bras, rather than buying flowers for their loved ones.


If you’re planning a spring clean to free up some wardrobe space, there’s a chance you’ll take your unwanted clothes to a homeless shelter.

While any trousers, jumpers or coats you donate are likely to be highly welcome, they might not always be what people need.

One homeless shelter in Budapest, Hungary, feels so strongly it has told donors to only send them new knickers, bras and stockings.

GAP Association says people often send them clothing, but what homeless women really need is new underwear.

“In winter it's fundamental to have warm knickers, polo tops, socks, stockings and comfortable bras,” said Katalin Daroczi, a social worker at the NGO. “These underwear items are constantly needed, but we don’t usually get any of them.”

Budapest translation firm Espell is organising a collection of underwear to give to the homeless shelter ahead of International Women’s Day (IWD) on Thursday, March 8.

It said in a Facebook post that instead of sending women flowers for IWD, people should use the money to send new underwear to the homeless shelter.

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