Fears after Russian hackers target US drones

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By Euronews
U.S Soldiers mount a drone
U.S Soldiers mount a drone

Russian cyber-experts have managed to hack into U.S drone technology.

The hackers tricked contract workers into handing over their emails - although it's not yet known exactly what's been stolen. The hacking group is known as ‘Fancy Bear’ were also responsible for hacking the US election.

Drone and cyber-security expert Dan Gettinger, Co-Director of the Centre for the Study of the Drone said the move is the latest step in Russian data invasion.

"The hacking is not that surprising. Drone technology is a very desired technology and Russia has made a big effort to acquire this technology over the past couple years. These are multi-role drones that can carry out both surveillance and reconnaissance and even carry out strikes. Now, the drones that Russia has acquired so far are the micro-UAVs that are really limited to artillery spotting or battlefield reconnaissance and surveillance, but the drones that they're looking to acquire are more sophisticated and can carry out more types of missions than the ones they have now".

Meanwhile, the US Department of Defense says any breach leaves troops on the ground vulnerable.