Turkey's Afrin offensive enters fifth day

Turkey's Afrin offensive enters fifth day
By Euronews

Turkey's air and ground 'Operation Olive Branch' in the Afrin region of northern Syria is now in its fifth day, targeting Kurdish YPG fighters and opening a new front in Syria's multi-sided civil war.

Turkey has shelled Kurdish YPG targets in Syria's Afrin province as the operation dubbed 'OIive Branch' by Ankara enters its fifth day.

Human Rights groups say attacks in Afrin have killed at least 28 civilians. Two rockets reportedly fired by the YPG hit the Turkish border town of Kilis wounding over ten people.

Meanwhile, Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is threatening to extend the military operation operation in Syria to the town of Manbij, a move that could potentially bring Turkish forces into confrontation with those of their NATO ally the United States. The United Nations says an estimated 5,000 people have been displaced inside the encircled enclave of Afrin in an area which borders Turkey, and Kurdish forces are not allowing civilians to leave.

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