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Euronews celebrates 25 years

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By Euronews
Euronews celebrates 25 years

Every story has a beginning and this is the tale of ours as Euronews this year celebrates 25 years of broadcasting. Although many styles and fashions have come, gone or returned again, there's been no change in our mission to bring you news from a European perspective.

Egyptian journalist Mohamed Abdel Azim joined at the start of the venture.

"I came, at the start with many others with the aim of producing a European vision of international news to rival the American giant of information that emerged after the first Gulf war in 1991 and we were committed to countering that supremacy with a European news channel," said Azim.

Euronews has been here throughout the digital revolution, which has transformed the way we gather and report news. It's a more slick and streamlined process today where people are still the heart of our operation. 

English journalist Robert Hackwill also joined the company 25-years ago: 

"The thing about Euronews that every one else should be aware of is that you are never working on your own. If I am doing a story about something happening in Italy or France, its not just me writing the story I have an Italian or French colleague I can turn to on my right or left and say 'Who is this person, what is the real meaning of what I am talking about here?' and I can immediately get the information I need to inform you the public[...] and this is one of the things that makes us very strong."

With our sister channel Africanews, a new voice and vision has emerged from the mission that orignally began in Lyon, a quiet southern corner of France.

As Europe's most watched news channel we aim to give you a unique perspective on whatever lies ahead over the next quarter century and beyond.