US town buried under snow

Erie, Pennsylvania  where record amounts of snow has fallen
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The US city of Erie in Pennsylvania is facing a winter emergency.

It's a record snowfall of just around 135 centimetres

All of the snow has fallen within a 30-hour period. It’s beaten a previous record for snowfall in the US set in 1956.

People living in the city have had to dig themselves out of their homes.

However, footage posted on social media showed not everyone was unhappy.

Police in the city have advised people not to drive and even if they did they'd have to free their cars.

The Erie Police Department have advised people not to drive and posted advice to residents on Facebook;

“Residents should stay off of City of Erie streets until it stops snowing, and we can get the roads open.

City plows have been out since the beginning of this storm, and we will continue to plow throughout the day today.”

Meteorologists say even more snow is forecast in the coming days.