Jerusalem: UN members condemn Trump move, US defends decision

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By Euronews
Jerusalem: UN members condemn Trump move, US defends decision

While tensions remain high in the Middle East, heated words were exchanged at the UN security council, following Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

The international community has never recognised Israel's claim, and several members roundly condemned the move.

"There is a serious risk today that we may see a chain of unilateral actions which can only push us further away from achieving our shared goal of peace. It will be critical in the coming days that leaders demonstrate their wisdom and make all efforts to reduce the rhetoric, prevent incitement and rein in radical elements," said UN Middle East Envoy, Nickolay Mladenov.

The US defiantly defended its new policy stance, saying that peace was within reach.

"Over many years the United Nations has outrageously been of the world's foremost centers of hostility towards Israel. The UN has done much more damage to the prospects for Middle East peace than to advance them.... the United States has credibility with both sides. Israel will never be, and should never be, bullied into an agreement by the United Nations or by any collection of countries that have proven their disregard for Israel's security," U.S. Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley.

While Israel hailed the decision as a 'milestone for Israel and peace', the Palestinian permanent observer  Riyad Mansour called for Trump's actions to be rescinded, saying:

"We are satisfied that there are 14 countries in the Security Council that are defending international law, defending Security Council resolutions as it relates to Jerusalem and they are rejecting the unilateral, illegal decisions by President Trump two days ago."

The ambassadors of France, Germany, Italy, Sweden and the U.K. issued a joint statement after the meeting reiterating their opposition to Trump’s move.