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Neapolitan pizza makers gain World Heritage status

Neapolitan pizza makers gain World Heritage status
By Euronews
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The United Nations has granted Neapolitan pizza makers World heritage status.


Neapolitan pizza makers have long been one of the symbols of Italian cuisine across the world.

Now they have offically been recognised as intangible heritage by UNESCO,

The UN’s Educational and Cultural agency added the pizzaiuoli, as they are called here, to the list of cultural treasures across the world in need of protection.

They say they are not just cooks, but proud bearers of a tradition handed down from generation to generation.  

An online petition supporting the pizzaiouli attracted more than two million signatures.

According to the petition and application for the status, Italians have had it with the indignities the world has strewn over its culinary claim to fame, including everything like pineapples, non-Italian sauces and cheeses, and other edible "grafitti." 

International recognition, they say, would safeguard the original pizzamaking tradition from the many imitations across the the planet...and even beyond.

Just this week, astronauts made a pizza onboard the International Space Sation, giving new meaning to the word G-atronomy.

Back on earth, Neapolitans faced a nailbiting wait for UNESCO’s decision. 

They are now happy that the pizzaiuolo became intangible heritage , so they can continue to enjoy the very tangiable pizza.

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