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Army takes control in Zimbabwe

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By Robert Hackwill
Army takes control in Zimbabwe

For the moment Zimbabwe is relatively calm with life mostly as normal on the streets of the capital, Harare, despite the armoured vehicles and military presence.

Africa may be witnessing one of itds few bloodless coups even if few people are using the “c” word. Army and police leave has been cancelled, with the army insisting it was only acting to root out “criminal elements” and that it had taken Presdent Robert Mugabe into protective custody. Officially, no coup has taken place according to the army.

It appears South Africa has been active behind the scenes.

“We are very concerned about the situation in Zimbabwe. We would like to call for calm and restraint particularly to the Defence Force and all security forces in Zimbabwe. I have also contacted his Excellency President Mugabe, whom I had time to talk to and he is fine but confined in his home. I have also managed to get the briefing about the situation in Zimbabwe;” said South African President Jacob Zuma.

South Africa provided shelter to the ousted Deputy President who returned to Zimababwe on Wednesday and is being tipped to lead a transition government,

“This is a sad development in the politics of our country in as far as allowing a military takeover is concerned, but also I think it’s a sign of relief to Zimbabweans, because from the look of things at least Zimbabweans are happy that at least there has been a stop to the family dynasty that was being propagated by Robert Mugabe and his wife,” said the National Youth Secretary-General of the opposition MDC, Lovemore Chinoputsa.

It appears the army and sections of the ruling ZANU-PF party have moved to prevent the rise to power of Grace Mugabe and the G40 faction she has built up around her.