How much does it cost to repair an iPhone X screen in your country?

How much does it cost to repair an iPhone X screen in your country?
By Ana De Oliva
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iPhone X screen cracked already? Here's how much it will cost to have it repaired in your country.


Apple’s iPhone X new 5.8-inch OLED display has been gaining plaudits due to its sharpness, quality and colour reproduction.

The phone has been on sale for less than a week and videos on social media already show users smashing their new phones to the ground.

Many smartphone users know that quick rush of panic before checking if the screen has cracked. And a lot of this may have to do with costly repairs.

With the iPhone X launch, Apple has released the non-warranty prices of screen repairs for the new phone.

In the United States, a shattered OLED screen will cost US$ 279 to get replaced. That’s 65 percent more expensive than fixing the screen of an iPhone 8, released last year.

According to the iPhone service webpage, accidental damage is not covered by the Apple warranty and if the impact damage isn’t limited to the screen, repair costs nearly double.

Apple repair costs vary from country to country.

Hong Kong, Japan, Macau, the United Arab Emirates, Canada and the US all have the cheapest iPhone X screen replacement costs, (approximately US$ 279 or €240).

Mexico, Turkey, Singapore and Taiwan hold second place for the least expensive iPhone X display repair. In these countries, a new screen would cost slightly over US$ 300, (€ 260).

Next are Australia, Liechtenstein and Switzerland, where an iPhone X screen replacement would cost slightly over US$ 320, (€ 275). In New Zealand and China that would cost something over US$ 340, (€ 290).

Sweden and Norway are the second costliest places to get an iPhone X display fixed, the service costing around US$ 360, (€ 310).

Many countries across the European continent hold the title of being the most expensive places for an iPhone X screen replacement. In Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Spain, France, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Austria, Finland and the United Kingdom, a shattered display costs approximately US$ 373, (€ 321).

These price variations may be linked to differences in the supply chain, labour and land costs, as well as taxes.

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