Activist group Anonymous calls for “lulz and resistance” this November 5

Activist group Anonymous calls for “lulz and resistance” this November 5
By Cristina Abellan Matamoros

The Annual Million Mask March organized by the activist group Anonymous will descend upon London’s Trafalgar square and 800 other locations worldwide on Sunday (November 5).

The collective is calling this year’s event “a festival of lulz and resistance” in light of the “abuses and malpractice of governments… and the encroaching destruction of many civil liberties.”

Facebook groups for this year’s march have started to appear with more than a thousand people stating their interest for the London one alone.

But maybe bigger than the event in London will be the one in Barcelona, which Anonymous seems to be advertising heavily on social media.

Not too long ago, the activist group claimed responsibility for launching a wave of cyber attacks against the Spanish government, which they accused of hindering the Catalans’ freedom to vote for independence.

The group made the attacks known by using hashtags such as #opCatalunya, #FreeCatalonia, and #OpSave Catalonia.

Among the websites affected were Spain’s Ministry of Public Works and Transport and the homepage of the Constitutional Court.

In a video released on September 24, the activist group declared: “We wish to state that the Catalan people’s desire to express their will via a referendum is the majority view and cuts across all strata of society.”

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