The Catalonia referendum in social media videos

The Catalonia referendum in social media videos
By Euronews
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A selection of some of the videos seen on Twitter throughout the day


As the Catalan referendum takes place despite being claimed illegal by the Spanish government, social media users have posted videos of different happening throughout the day.

From police action to voting stations, here’s a selection of some of the videos seen on Twitter today.

1 – Police vehicles are shown arriving in Barcelona hours before the Catalan referendum polling stations open.

Spanish law enforcement Policía Nacional’s presence growing in #Barcelona hours before #CatalanReferendum kicks off.

— Balazs Csekö (@balazscseko) September 30, 2017

2 – Catalans line-up to vote. Voters were seen lining up as early as 5am, 4 hours before polling stations were set to open.

This is what we call #democracy. Thousands of #Catalans waiting 4 opening of polling station in downtown #Barcelona.

— Balazs Csekö (@balazscseko) October 1, 2017

3 – First images of violent clashes between voters and police begin to appear on social media around 9am as polling stations began to open.

La policia a Infant Jesús

— Carme Rocamora (@CarmeCRS) October 1, 2017

— Anna Codina (@ultrasonica) October 1, 2017

4 – Rubber bullets being fired and injured people were caught on video by social media users at 10:30am.

1) Càrrega de la Policia Nacional. Disparen bales de goma i cops de porra. Ferits. (Carrer Sardenya).

— Àlex Tort (@alextortsagues) October 1, 2017

La policia a Infant Jesús

— Carme Rocamora (CarmeCRS) <a href="">October 1, 2017</a></blockquote><script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script><blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-conversation="none" data-lang="en"><p lang="und" dir="ltr">2) Un ferit. De fons, els trets de la Policia Nacional. <a href="">#CatalanReferendum</a> <a href=""></a></p>— Àlex Tort (alextortsagues) October 1, 2017

5 – Crowds were filmed chanting loudly to Els Segadors, Catalonia’s official anthem, as voting took place.

3) Un minut abans, la gent retenia la Policia al cant d’Els Segadors.

— Àlex Tort (@alextortsagues) October 1, 2017

6 – Firefighters are shown creating a human barrier parting the Spanish civil guard from the crowd.

La Guardia Civil comienza a marcharse al grito de “fora fora”

— Ion Telleria Barrena (@iontelleria) October 1, 2017

7 – An elderly woman celebrates on camera after voting at the referendum.

La gent gran no té por de votar btvnoticies</a> <a href=""></a></p>— Sergi Cebrián (sergicda) October 1, 2017

8 – A video also shows a voter wrapped in the Spanish flag and being cheered by those in the polling station.

People at polling station in #Catalonia applaud voter w/ Spain flag. We vote YES or NO but we vote (Via xavicantons</a>)<a href=""></a></p>— David d'Enterria *X (denterd) October 1, 2017

9 – Spanish Guarda Civil and Catalonia’s local police, the Mossos, shown clashing.

Els mossos</a> s'encaren a la <a href="">guardiacivil durant un dels desallotjaments en què la gent era arrossegada per terra.

— SER CATALUNYA (@SERCatalunya) October 1, 2017

10 – This video shows crowds pressing against riot police and forcing them to back out.

Escola Nostra Llar, Sabadell

— Laia Anés (@Laia_anes) October 1, 2017

11 – In this video, Catalans are heard cheering from outside as voting polls closed.

Voting is over – democracy won

— MEP Martina Anderson (@M_AndersonSF) October 1, 2017

12 – Crowds were filmed celebrating as the Catalan government announced 90 percent voted in favour of independence.

La plaça Catalunya salta de alegría al escuchar que, según el Govern, 2 millones de catalanes han dicho sí a la independencia.

— Guillem Andrés (@Guillem_Andres) October 1, 2017

Standing in Plaça de Catalunya amidst incredible scenes. Mood here is one of celebration and victory

— Emeka Forbes (@emekaforbes) October 1, 2017

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