Mexico's president vows to rebuild after quake

Mexico's president vows to rebuild after quake
By Euronews

President vows to rebuild a hope is all but lost of finding survivors of Mexico quake

It is just over one week since central Mexico was rocked by a deadly earthquake and rescuers have admitted they are unlikely to find any more survivors.

An estimated 400 people died in the 7.1 quake which damaged 11,000 homes and led to an outpouring of civilian volunteers to help victims and grieving relatives.

President Enrique Pena Nieto has vowed to keep up the search for those still missing:

“We will continue with search and rescue operations and where possible we will start reconstruction. In the states, we will directly support families with resources to repair damage or for the construction of a new home.”

So far this month, Mexico has battled Hurricanes, tropical storms and two earthquakes. The series of natural disasters has quickly turned political with politicians passing blame for collapsed buildings aware of elections looming next year.

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