Tourist hordes descend on the Isle of Skye

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By Robert Hackwill
Tourist hordes descend on the Isle of Skye

A tourism boom is putting pressure on one of the most beautiful places on Earth, the isle of Skye in Scotland.

It is the scene of Dothraki hordes and pitched battles in TV’s Game of Thrones, but now a tourist horde has descended on the island, and a battle is raging between those who want more, and those who say enough is enough.

The island’s transport network is struggling to cope with the vehicle traffic and the rubbish the tourists leave behind, and some complain many people just come to snap the Game of Thrones locations and leave without spending much money. Now the cruise ships are arriving, too, disgorging thousands of people at a time.

“I didn’t imagine there’d be so many people, I think we were quite surprised by that, but you know, you have the vast landscape and you can go walking, you can have your space,” said one young American.

For those welcoming the income the sky’s the limit, it seems, but the “no vacancies” signs are already up.