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Romania hit by plague of wasps

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By Euronews
Romania hit by plague of wasps

Romania is being overrun by dangerous wasps.

One man has already died after going into anaphylactic shock as a result of being stung, and dozens have been rushed to hospital in the midst of the country’s heatwave.

The insects, whose population has been on the rise in recent years, are particularly aggressive and Romanians across the country have been working to destroy their nests.

One man said that while swimming in a local river, he and some friends saw someone faint after he was stung.

He said: “We ran over to help him and gave him first aid until the ambulance came. We threw some water on his face and took care of him. He was aware of the situation and was talking to us from time to time.”

The issue that Romanians face when trying to deal with the problem is that the insects cannot be exterminated as there are some endangered wasp species among them.

They can be chased away, although larger swarms will defend their hives against perceived attackers.