Climate change sees thousands of reindeer starve to death

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By Euronews
Climate change sees thousands of reindeer starve to death

Reindeer around the world are starving to death because of the unstable climate.

More than 80,000 of the animals, 22% of the total population, starved to death in Siberia between 2006 and 2016.

Temperature fluctuations result in a layer of ice on top of the lichen, which is what reindeer eat.

Reindeer keepers are forced to feed the beasts pellets in order to keep them alive.

Johan Andersson, a reindeer keeper from Ammarnäs, says the problem gives him sleepless nights: “When the reindeer are happy, I’m happy.

“I don’t sleep during nights, where I see that that they can’t get to their food. You suffer with them. And you do everything you can for them to get their food.”

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