Huge storms batter UK

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By Euronews
Huge storms batter UK

Huge storms have battered the south coast of Britain dumping a months worth of rain in just hours. One of the worst hit areas was Cornwall.

There, the Coastguard helicopter was out in force airlifting residents to safety from their homes after floodwaters swept through the village of Coverack.

Residents said their village had been devastated, while roads were destroyed and cars abandoned. Thomas Duffie, a local bus driver spoke of the massive torrents of water that hit the back of the bus he was driving.

“All of a sudden it was like a water rapids just coming right from behind the bus. A load of boulders coming down, some even the size of the wheels of the bus, coming down.”

Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service says its crews responded to “multiple flooding-related incidents” in Coverack and even used twitter to warn people not to go out in their cars.

Councils in some of the worst hit areas have pledged that money ‘won’t be a problem’ for the extensive repairs.

But while the massive clean up operations continue, the met office says more bad weather is on its way.